The new Australian Curriculum is profoundly flawed

Filling the pail

I have been worrying for some time about the results of the Australian Curriculum review. Despite encouraging signs, the end result is deeply depressing in at least one aspect; the new collapsed “HASS” curriculum involves teaching children hardly any worthwhile content. In this post, I raised the following concern:

“We need to be aware just how horrible “Humanities and the Social Sciences,” could be in the wrong hands. We could have Dewey-inspired approaches that start with the child and their place in the world etc. rather than learning about the Romans or the Egyptians or about the countries of the world.”

Well, that’s what we’ve got.

A quick search of the HASS document finds no mention of the Romans or Egyptians until Year 7. Instead, in an almost complete adoption of the APPA’s submission to the review, we have a vague, inquiry-based curriculum, light on content.

Year 1 is…

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