Is There Such a Thing as a Crap School?

Trivium 21c


Crap means something of extremely poor quality. I think a school can be of extremely poor quality. That does not mean all the constituent parts of a school are of extremely poor quality, I worked in a school I would describe as being extremely poor but the drama department was the diamond in a crown of thorns. I was on teaching practice. I had to observe an English lesson, my ‘other’ subject, the teacher had no control of the class, he was introducing a book by talking over them, they were indulging in loud chatter amongst themselves; he carried on and on and then said to me: “What do you think?” To which I replied “I think…” I said this quite loudly, “That the behaviour in this class is appalling!” I paused for effect… “I refuse to talk to people who are being so rude!” I know, what effrontery, and I…

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