The Madness of Lesson Observation Checklists

Trivium 21c


Checklists can be useful and they can be a curse…

In a recent blogpost David Didau looks at how checklists can be useful and also about how there is life beyond them, here I want to question, in the context of lesson observations, whether they are useful at all.

Checklists can be useful for routine yes/no answers, the ‘To Do’ list is the classic example: you have either done that email, fed the cat, watered the plants and bought coffee at Tesco’s, or you haven’t. Where they can become problematic is when they are not being used for something that is so easily sorted into yes and no and lesson observations (should) fall into this category.

Of course some things can be ‘checked’: Did the teacher take the register, was she there on time? Were the children in the same classroom as her? Away from this obvious, ‘yes-noing’ the going should get a bit more…

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