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Expert: Look into my crystal balls.

Policy Maker: Brilliant, I love this. You literally have no idea how much this will help me out in tomorrow’s meeting.

Teacher: I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

Expert: Let us look and see what the future holds.

Policy Maker: Let me see, let me see, let me see! Am I in a bigger office?

Expert: Let’s see. Ooh, the future is very different.

Teacher: Is it? Is it really? And how exactly?

Expert: Oh, the jobs of the future are very different to the ones of today.

Policy Maker: Oh no, really? Are there still policy makers?

Expert: I think so.

Policy Maker: Thank goodness. What else?

Teacher: Yes, what else?

Expert: Well, there are robots.

Teacher: Robots?

Expert: Yes. There are maybe robots.

Teacher: And what are these robots doing?

Expert: Well, it’s difficult to say, it’s the future. But…

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