Mistakes I Have Made in Leadership: Attunement Part 2 – Making decisions in the spotlight…

Old Primary Head

“Fight! Brian, there’s a fight in the Nursery!”

I make my way across the hall, in to the Nursery and my jaw drops. Two mothers are entwined on the nursery playground floor, faces red with hate, fingers digging into skin going for the eyes and clumps of hair in each other’s hands. It is change over time and 60 Nursery children and their parents are all stood well away looking shocked. I note 120 pairs of eyes on me.

Suddenly all jovial with my hands flung dramatically wide I shout, “Ladies! Ladies!”

What else could I say? Sometimes in leadership the weight of responsibility is on your shoulders and you are in the SPOTLIGHT! Your every move can be taken away and critiqued. As I said last week, I am not a bouncer. I am not trained to break up fights. But, you have no choice. Those looks are on…

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