A Step Change for Ofsted? Stepping Out, not Stepping Up!

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I hadn’t intended to write this post, but was rather provoked into doing so by this tweet from Sean Harford, with whom I was having a chat about the future of Ofsted.


To be fair, he was challenging me because I had just made it clear that I would never become an Ofsted inspector. But, since he’s inadvertently given me some work to do on what was going to be a lazy Saturday afternoon, I thought I’d use his words against him in the title of this post. No offence, Sean. You’ve always been the acceptable face of Ofsted (which is said in as complimentary a manner as I can muster for such a sentence).

My issue with the notion of “stepping up” is that, for Sean and others at Ofsted and the DfE, this means Headteachers and others becoming OIs (Ofsted Inspectors). As I pointed out in my…

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