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I have lots of new classes this year, several of which came to me with poor mindsets about their ability and the likely grades they will achieve in maths. I have been fairly aggressive (no, not like that…duh) in my pursuit of a classroom where errors and mistakes are actively encouraged to be openly discussed and not hidden away in shame.

I’ve reacted to certain situations slightly differently this year:

  1. A student laughed at another student’s answer, so I sent them out of the class (with me) to talk to me about their behaviour
  2. A student said ‘oh my god’ when another one answered a question (incorrect answer). I sanctioned them and wrote in their planner.
  3. A student said “well done” sarcastically when another persisted past an incorrect answer and finally, with some questioning, came to a logical answer that was correct. I stopped the class and made a HUGE…

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