Teaching Volkswagen…

Trivium 21c


And it all started so well…

(sings) The people’s car is in deepest shit… (To the tune of the Red Flag, for fun…)

Give us a test and we will find a way round it. The Telegraph reports that: “Executives at VW were accused of masterminding the emissions scandal from the company’s headquarters in Wolfsburg. The chain of command of those involved in the rigging deception stretched all the way back from the US to VW’s home patch, it was claimed, with executives in Germany controlling the key aspects of tests which the firm now admits were manipulated…”

We can all look so smug, it is so obvious that instead of cheating Volkswagen should have made cars that passed the tests so that their emissions satisfied the exacting standards that the tests demand. But instead they thought: ‘lets look for ways around it…’

How many schools and teachers have been tempted to do…

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