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Is bureaucracy killing autonomy?


Spare a thought for academies and  multi-academy trusts. The idea behind academies is that they are autonomous, freed from local control  and stifling bureaucracy. They have been given new freedoms, over the curriculum,  over admissions (though limited), over term times , over the day to day running of their schools   and  over how they spend their resources.  Heads and governors could and should be more responsive to the needs of their students, New creative and   innovative approaches to learning would be fomented, along with new and better learning opportunities offered to their students. But the reality turns out to be a bit  different. The head of one of the largest academy chains stopped me mid-sentence the other day when I was talking about academy freedoms. He asked what freedoms?  We don’t have  real freedoms, it’s a myth, he claimed.  The governments…

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