Why I Think Parents Should Not Have the Power to Sack The Headteacher

Old Primary Head

“I pity the fool who stands in the way of a parent and their child’s happiness…”

If Mr T was Education Minister he may have said this, gold chains dangling in the setting sun casting light across his angry sneer. Tough talk scares me. I find headship a tactical balancing act at the best of times. The thought that unhappy parents could now signal my ‘sacking’ is another weight around my fragile neck.

Firstly, parents are the vital ingredient in a successful school. You cannot do it without them. Get that link wrong and it is a hard and slippery road to trust. Every teacher, governor and senior leader knows this. My advice to NQTs is parents want to know two simple things… you like their child and you have their best interests at heart. Get this right and in 98% of cases this will stand you in good stead…

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