I Have a Feeling

Summer Turner

Women, Leadership and Emotions.

My StaffRm Post for @WomenEd DigiMeet September 2015


I feel a lot. All the time. I like to think of it as, you know, living. Yet emotions and work are not something which we are very comfortable with and this is a particularly gendered issue.

Cultural Myths

There are myths which we repeat so much that they become an accepted part of our cultural narrative. Emotions and their relation to gender are a prime example: women are over-emotional (read: irrational, sensitive, weak) and men are lacking in emotion (read: closed, efficient, strong). Both of these stereotypes are reductive and also untrue. In the workplace they also automatically serve as a means to suggesting men will be better at their jobs because they feel less. I challenge both this assumption about gender but also the myth that feeling less is better. All the more so in…

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