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Last month was a bit on the patchy side. I blogged like fury, then nothing for a week. Anyway, here’s my output over the month including the last, dying days of August:

  1. Can we make learning permanent? 30th August – Revisiting my experiences of speeding school and musings on how learning might be made stickier.
  2. See it, own it: how to destroy a school 31st August – My despair at some of the stupider attempts to bring order to the chaos that is a secondary school.
  3. What I mean by ‘relevance’ 31st August – On the mistakes teachers make when thinking about what’s relevant.
  4. Foxy Thinking: why we should embrace ignorance and learn to love uncertainty 5th September – A summary of my presentation at researchED 2015
  5. Pedagogy? I hate the word 6th September – Are you a pedagogue or a teacher?
  6. Research vs evidence 9th September – Some thoughts on the misuses of evidence.
  7. You can have a voice 11th September – The power of social media and how I came to be the influential figure you see before you.
  8. Should we learn to love our shackles? 12th September – A response to Dame Sally Coates ideas on curriculum and assessment.
  9. The uses of disappointment 13th September – Why being a bit disappointed by our students’ efforts might be a good thing.
  10. When should we stop making students redraft work? 14th September – Redrafting’s all very well, but when should it stop?
  11. Why we *really* mistrust Ofsted 15th September – A response to Sir Michael Wilshaw’s profile in Schools Week.
  12. Why sacrificing chickens will not help us evaluate teachers’ performance 16th September – The seductive power of numbers and why some school leaders love grading lessons.
  13. What is ‘transfer’ and is it important? 17th September – My response to Greg Ashman’s ‘review of my book.
  14. Does technology have the power to transform education? 18th September – Yes, of course it does. But not in the way that most people think.
  15. Marking and feedback are not the same 19th September – They’re just not.
  16. A heck of a lot of posters 20th September – This stirred up an unreasonable amount of controversy. Basically, if you don’t get that this isn’t about posters it’s about low expectations, you’ve missed the point.
  17. A decreased focus on facts & knowledge won’t help either 21st September – Please can we stop moaning about children having to learn facts?
  18. Could less marking mean more feedback? 27th September – I think it could.
  19. The Science of Learning 30th September – A promotion of the wonderfully concise Deans for Impact report.

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