“But I told you this only last lesson, Year 11!” Memory Strategy 3, Part 1

Mary Meredith

We’ve all been there. Laboured like the sower in Mark’s parableto impart information one lesson only to discover the next that most of our seed fell on stony ground “where it did not have much soil … and whithered away….” (Mark, 4.5)

In a bid to experience less of this, I’ve spent the last few monthslooking at how to translate theresearch on memory, which is compelling, into every day practice.


My particular focus has been onthe closed book anthology paper that students will confront in their 2017 English Literature exam – I think we will need to teach poetry in a radically different, much more memory-friendly way, to prepare them for this. However,with ‘strengthened content’ across the piece, less scaffolding and linear routes only,teachers in every corner of the curriculum need to be thinking about howto ensure that new learning takes root.


Even now, pre-reform, there’s way too much relearning…

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