Bring back the chalkboard? Teachers drawing diagrams is better than showing pre-made ones

From experience to meaning...

Writing stuff with chalk on a blackboard, how old fashioned. But maybe sometimes still a good option, as this new study by shows students learn much more when listening to teachers’ talk while theydraw diagrams rather than when teachers explainedand showed pre-made diagrams. Not really surprisingly the effect was primarilythe case for studentswith lower prior knowledge.

Does this means we should bring back the blackboard? No, you can do this with any kind of device, such as smartboards. Do note that in the experiment both approaches actually where shown in a video, making the study relevant for any kind of instruction, be it IRL or e.g. through video for a flipped classroom approach.

Abstract of the study:

In 4 experiments, participants viewed a short video-based lesson about how the Doppler effect works. Some students viewed already-drawn diagrams while listening to a concurrent oral explanation, whereas other students listened to…

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