Back to School: My priorities for getting started.


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OK. Summer’s over….it’s time to get psyched up for the term ahead.  I’m joining the Maths Department this year, teaching Y10 GCSE; an exciting challenge.  I’m a science teacher with good maths skills and I have taught A level maths and KS3 several times.  So, whilst I have no concerns about my subject knowledge,  I’ve never taught a GCSE class so this is new territory and my pedagogical knowledge is rusty.

I had a great session with my new Head of Department today (thanks Sukhi) and here are my thoughts about what I need to get organised:

The students: 

I’ve got my class list and their prior attainment.  It’s a ‘bottom half of the top half’ set – all aiming to get Grade 5 and above on the new scale.  I’m going to be super-ambitious about their achievement so I’ll be looking to pitch it high from the very start.  I need…

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