Big data, little data.


I’ve been thinking about what happens in many secondary schools on the first day back in September. All the staff are sat, dreaming of the lay-ins that they’ve had for the past few weeks and up pops a PowerPoint slide that gets staff attention; the subject results slide. Up until recently it has been %A*-C but more recently it might be levels of progress. There are mumbles and sometimes grumbles such as “They only had 1 student in Chinese, no wonder they got 100%” or “It was a difficult year group” or “Sammy Thompson never attended my lessons so the % isn’t fair”. The data isn’t representative of individual staff or possibly even departments and this public showing has the potential to cause bad feelings. The whole school stats may be ‘good’ but there will always be the subject that did ‘best’ and the subject that did ‘worst’.

In the…

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