The 30-A-Day Spreadsheet Challenge Day 2: Gender

As you may be aware from my incessant tweeting, the latest spreadsheet of bloggers is ready and waiting to be filled in. Details of how to do this are here. However, for the rest of the holidays I’m going to add some focus and element of challenge to it. Each day, I’m going to highlight one part of the spreadsheet, and challenge people to look up enough information to fill in 30 boxes on the spreadsheet.

Well done to everyone who had a go at yesterday’s challenge, particularly @Just_Maths, and @5N_Afzal who  (along with myself) completed it. Not too late to do it if you haven’t.

Today, the challenge is to try to find and (accurately) fill in the gender for 30 blogs (that’s column G), but this time there’s a twist. This time, it doesn’t count towards the 30 if they are the same gender as you. Feel free to fill in ones that are the same gender, just don’t count them in your total. When you have filled in 30, comment below to announce your achievement. There’s a lot to fill in so, it is possible for dozens of people to win the challenge. I’m going to have a go too. Remember those boxes that are in white might be easiest to find as they have been on the spreadsheet for the least amount of time.

If you comment on how you are doing on Twitter (or to ask for help) use the hashtag #30adaychallenge

Good luck.

Hints: Please make sure you have read he tips for using the spreadsheet here. Remember that “unknown” should only be used for an anonymous blogger who wants to conceal their gender. “N/A” is mainly intended for blogs with multiple writers of different genders. If you can find no clue as to gender on the blog itself, try looking up the author on Twitter.


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