A Levels Matter. Amongst other things.


Slide1There have been some great blogs about A level results:

Here’s John Tomsett: This much I know about A level results day – the liberating power of doing well – having choices, moving away from home etc.

Geoff Barton: Worrying about results won’t help – great advice to students who don’t get what they hoped for; you still have options.

And James Theobald: JT Airlines – We’re a Great Way to Fall – the annoying trend for successful people to tell students that their education didn’t matter, as if their path is typical or reproducible.

James’ post starts off with this tweet from Jeremy Clarkson:

Discussing this at home, we agreed that there are different ways to interpret this message.  A generous interpretation would be that Jeremy is reaching out in a caring way to students who’ve been disappointed to tell them not to feel that all hope is lost…

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