A New Model of Teacher Development

...to the real.

Does it feel like teacher training is just… a bit all over the place?

I’ve been interested in teacher training ever since I went though it.  Discussing it is difficult, since there is so much absent from it, and everyone comes to the table with their own preconceived ideas of what ITT and CPD look like; getting everyone to sing from the same hymn sheet is tricky.

I think I’m finally happy enough with the below to share it.  I think it’s robust, I think it will hold up well under scrutiny, I think it’s at least close to being MECE, if it’s not already there.  Best of all, though, it’s helped to dramatically clarify my own thinking and communication around teacher development; I hope it might be a start in doing the same for others.

1 – Mindset

We start with a teacher, who will have a certain…

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