OfSTED Outstanding. The Grade Descriptors.


Slide1I’ve expressed my views before on OfSTED including the over-arching reliability question and the validity of judgements around the Outstanding/Good boundary.  In the real world OfSTED marches on but, thankfully, continues to reform and professes to operate in a more enlightened fashion.  Sean Harford explains key changes applicable to Good schools here:

“The best way to prepare for an OfSTED inspection is to run a good school”.  Sean Harford.  (3 mins in)

I’m happy with that idea.  I think it is important not to be explicitly OfSTED driven and that’s been my approach at Highbury Grove so far. However, if I want it to be true that our standards and expectations are as least as high as OfSTED’s it’s important to know what they’re saying.  Here I’ve simply compiled all the Outstanding descriptors taken from the September 2015 Handbook as a handy self-evaluation tool for me to use.

It’s helpful and important to…

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