How do GCSE History source questions need to change?

Clio et cetera

It was never going to be long before the tabloid press picked up on the new GCSE History sample assessment materials: history is always the most controversial subject on the curriculum and the controversy basically falls into (a) what is studied and (b) how it is examined. We had (a) at length in 2011 and 2012, particularly at the time the new National Curriculum was being formed, but we now have reached (b) as the sample assessments have been released.

Today the Daily Mail picked up a question from a sample GCSE exam that asked pupils to compare two images. The first was a painting of Parliament in the late eighteenth century, and the other a painting of Parliament in the twenty-first century.

image1Source A

image2Source B

The questions asked are


The expected answers are fairly simplistic, requiring that pupils note that there is a greater mix in Parliament in…

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