Why You Will be in a MAT by 2020 – The new schools financial black hole.

Old Primary Head

It hit me last week that schools have changed dramatically in the last 5 years. The best two decisions I feel I have made this year were employing our own HR and engaging fully with lawyers for all manner of issues. I believe schools have become harder, sharper and less forgiving places. I believe that the climate for this has been pushed from the top down on to us. It feels like a ‘Dog Eat Dog’ world out there. What is worse is I see that there is a storm brewing of hurricane proportions. I believe that the education sector is at the edge of the single most dangerous time I can remember. There is a financial crisis about to happen and I feel many schools, as they operate today, will become unviable.

George Osborne’s new ‘living wage’ was hailed by many as ‘a masterstroke’. I agree, it was a political…

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