What I learnt from David Didau’s presentation at #TMIslington

The Learning Profession


The Learning Spy kicked off #TMIslington on Monday with a provocative talk that challenged the things we teachers often accept to be true without question. So, what did I learn?

I learnt that we can’t trust the evidence of our own eyes.

If you’re going to suggest to a room full of teachers that everything they know about education might be wrong, how do you start? With a ‘gateway to wrongness’, of course. Didau showed us this optical illusion:


Is A the same shade of grey as B? If you’re thinking that they’re not, you’re wrong. I know that it might be hard to accept but I promise I’m telling you the truth. If my promise means nothing, and why should it, then maybe take Didau’s advice and print the image out, cut out the squares and see for yourself if they match up. The reason why this optical illusion…

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