Deep in the pit – a science fiction?

A young lady, let’s call her Jess, is employed as a trainer of a newly discovered alien species known as the Taurans. These Taurans are orphans of the Human-Tauran War which has, at last, been recognised as a terrible mistake based on mistrust, fear and ignorance. Also, the Taurans have funny looking heads and three arms. As a result Tauran pits – the Taurans don’t seem to like sitting down or being inside much – have been set up for the young aliens to learn in. There are many Tauran pits, some run well and some run poorly, with many audience members looking on. Some pits produce Taurans who can speak fluent English, whilst others struggle due to a lack of funding, poor leadership and contextual socio-economic factors of the local area – essentially the humans of some space ports, notably inlunar areas, don’t want these young Taurans growing up…

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