Our Primary Transition Forum: Bridging the KS2-KS3 Divide


Digital_Vision_Photodisc_Thinkstock_bridge_gap The KS2-KS3 Divide – doesn’t bridge itself! Image credit: DIGITAL VISION/PHOTODISC/THINKSTOCK

In the last few weeks we’ve held two excellent meetings as part of what we call our Primary Transition Forum: one for English; one for Maths.  They’ve both been incredibly interesting, useful and eye-opening.  There is so much to learn; so much we don’t know about what goes on on the other side of the KS2-KS3 chasm.  It’s something I go on about all the time – the extent to which teachers from primary and secondary sectors are segregated in their professional lives.  The one teacher – one class primary model contrasts so sharply with our highly specialised multi-teacher secondary model and, arguably, the skills and dispositions needed to span the range from Y7 to Y13 are very different to those needed to span from Reception to Year 6.  We’re different.  But not THAT different.  Given that our students progress…

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