On not losing the ‘what’ in the ‘how’

Clio et cetera

I followed a interesting discussion on Twitter this week where David Didau lampooned a resource given to @MissNQT at a NQT training event. The resource advocated a variety of ‘activities’ that could be tailored for particular pupils. I would agree with all of the criticisms made by David, but I want to add a little more on what I see as the central problem here: this is yet another example of how in teaching we tend to prioritise ‘how’ we teach over ‘what’ we teach.

When I was a new teacher, I used to think that the key to good teaching was getting the activity right. If only I had a good activity, the lesson would go well. I would spend hours trying to devise ever more complicated tasks replete with clever analogies that I thought would make it easier for pupils to learn what it was that I wanted them…

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