‘5 weeks….5 books’ Part 3: Measuring up!

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Teaching to the test can be good or bad: good if it means teaching a focused and aligned curriculum; bad if it reduces instruction to the memorisation of test items. (Baker 2004)

Slightly lagging behind with the old ‘5 weeks 5 books’ challenge! BUSY end to the term, recently I have written about some of the books that have been most influential on my educational thinking, to include the topics, Part 1: Leadership, Part 2: Teaching for effective learning, Assessment, Learning and Curriculum.

In this post I shall consider Assessment and Measuring Up: What educational testing really tells us by Daniel Koretz, Professor at Harvard Graduate School of Education. Koretz gives an excellent summary of the problems associated with testing, his work is largely applicable to the US context and the ‘No child left behind’ (NCLB), but could pertain to any education system. Chief among the disputes that…

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  1. For anyone interested in a counterpoint:


    Click to access RotSpreadsOverseas.pdf


    Koretz’s work is highly misleading and, at this point, one would have to conclude deliberately so–meaning fraudulent. But, worse, he has, probably more than anyone else on the planet, managed to convinced many that an enormous research literature on the effect of testing on student achievement simply does not exist. Such an assertion is popular with the US education school professoriate. But, it is also untrue.

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