Preparing children for jobs that exist: the importance of vocational education

Clio et cetera

It might surprise some regular readers to see me writing a post under the title ‘the importance of vocational education’, not least because I have used this blog to advance on numerous occasions an argument against vocational education in schools. My argument has consistently been that all children, regardless of their social background or future aspirations, ought to be entitled to a broad, liberal, academic secondary education. Yet it is also true that children in the future need to have jobs, and they need to be prepared for their jobs. No one today can enjoy a life of pure philosophical contemplation: even academics have to pay their way by teaching. At some point, therefore, we need to start getting people ready for jobs.

Let’s just recap quickly the arguments against vocational education in secondary schools. My case here is based on a ground-up argument about entitlement. All children, I…

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