Knowledge Frameworks – What other frameworks might exist for mathematics? the real.

I feel like my examples from before (times tables, square and cube numbers, prime numbers) are all zoomed in very close compared with the other examples I gave for other subjects.  Well here’s one broader suggestion:

Maths Framework - NumberMaths Framework - GeometryMaths Framework - Algebra

Maths Framework - Stats

I created these before I started teaching.  We use much of this language all the time, and as teachers have a mental image in our minds much like this, but I seriously doubt that anyone I teach has this same overview… and how could they?  They won’t just pick it up organically; if I don’t make an effort to teach them, they won’t learn it.  How might I do that?

Two ways:

The first would be to have them recreate this structure, leveraging the testing effect until they could reproduce it fluently.

The second would be to ensure that pupils knew which part of the framework each new sub-topic or question type fitted into.

Multiple-Choice Questions


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