Gallery Critique

Class Teaching

The 15 minute forum was led tonight by English teacher Jo Grimwood.  Jo started the session by sharing with us the concerns she has with peer assessment:

  • Students don’t know how to assess work – we are the professionals, they aren’t!
  • They’re sensitive about their friends reading their work.
  • They’re not sure how to mark/what to say.
  • They’re not clear on what’s good/what’s not.
  • They give vague/unhelpful feedback, because they don’t know where/how the feedback should be focused.
  • It doesn’t help them to understand the important areas of weakness and how to move on.

So as a process, it’s not always that useful.  In fact, it can often be damaging and compound misconceptions.   Gallery critique, where students spend an extended period of time reading and assessing the work of their peers, as well as giving high quality feedback, seems to be a far more purposeful alternative.

Preparing for gallery critique

  • It…

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