Character Ruck

Trivium 21c


Pupils are said to be: “more anxious than ever because of a regime of constant tests and exams” and in response to this Nicky Morgan has decided to…

Introduce English ‘Rugby Players into schools to build backbone into pupils who are misbehaving and disaffected…’ reports the Sunday Times All I can say is ‘Rugger Off’ with your stupid character initiatives – this one costs £500,000, what the ruck do ministers think is going on?!? It’s just not cricket!

From my youth the Rugby club was certainly a place that oozed character, it was the place to go to get cheap booze, drugs, and it was the place I saw my first ‘glassing’ – shattered glass and blood everywhere… Certainly an experience for the victim that made him reflect on ‘setbacks’ I suppose, but, really?!?

You can imagine the ministerial conversation: ‘the working class kids don’t have character, we do… Why??? Hmmm… I know!…

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