White Working Class Boys’ Day

Trivium 21c


“I am here; and here is nowhere in particular.” Golding

If there’s something perceived to be wrong or unfair let’s shake a day, a week or a month at it. The Labour leadership hopeful Liz Kendall praised a primary school for holding an ‘aspirations week’. She said that the week would: “teach girls and boys, particularly from white working class communities, about the chances in life they may not even know exist – like being an engineer, a chemist and even leader of the Labour party.” This is a new rap, the jobs that do exist but the white working class don’t know about… I don’t know where white working class people get their prescriptions from but they must know that Ed Miliband was a not very successful leader of Labour, but no, clearly they need a week shaken over their brain dense heads to make them want to become leader…

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