Knowledge Frameworks – What other foundational frameworks might there be? the real.

In the last post I introduced what is essentially my own understanding of what I’m calling ‘frameworks’ of foundational knowledge.  They may well be the same thing as schema from cognitive psychology; I’m only avoiding that term because I think it refers to something more, and something more technically specific, than what I’m speaking about there.

What other foundational frameworks might there be?

Kings and queens might be one for history.  Rivers and/or mountain ranges might also help with physical geography.  Grammar might be one for English.  The periodic table might be one for chemistry.  A collection of twenty fundamental formulae might serve for physics?


Do we really want to go back to having kids memorise lists of kings and queens and dates of their reign… ?

A sense of place

I’m not a royalist by any stretch… so admitting that I might have been wrong, and maybe there…

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