What’s going to come up on the exams?

...to the real.

Is not really what this post is about.

If you’d like to teach more than just what’s on a GCSE exam, then when asked “What will a question on this look like on the exam?” answer honestly “I don’t know.”

This post is about that question: “What’s going to come up on the exams?” as posed by pupils.

Not in the sense of ‘what topics,’ but rather ‘what would a question about this look like on the exams?’  This is, for me, often a very difficult question to answer.  I teach *a lot* around the typical exam content.  One straight forward example is function notation: not on the AQA spec, yet I’ve taught it anyway.  Less straight forward would be visual representations for quadratic expressions, which we’re working on now in Y10: rectangles, perfect squares, difference of two squares and completed squares.

I was taught none of this at school…

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