Life After Levels – and a broader plea to educators

Those that can...

I blog these days, not as a representative of any single institution, but as a member of a wider community of educators, to which, despite the challeges, I feel privileged to be a member. Today, my blog is a plea. It’s focused on a very specific issue which I know has been playing on many of our minds, but it is also a broader entreaty to continued collaboration and solidarity.

The last ten years, successive governments (and no, I don’t blame just one party) have presided over a growing fragmentation of our education system. Free Schools, Academies, London-centred funding and initiatives, have come alongside a focus on ‘freedom’ and ‘independence’. I believe that words like this should be used with prudence when it comes to education. As I have said elsewhere, it makes me sad that education is used as a political pawn in the UK, unlike in other countries like…

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About gwenelope

English and Media Studies teacher in the wilds of Coventry, about to start my tenth year, which in itself is frankly terrifying. In the small pockets of free time I have have been known to do things like Tough Guy, circuit classes and swim often, very often. It is what keeps sanity near and insanity at bay.
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