195 Countries – Why can’t we learn them organically?

...to the real.

This was something that came up a bit more in conversation than it did in the online comments.  I’m going to use these two words – which were occasionally used by others – two separately define two ideas:

  1. Organically: Learning that happens naturally, or by chance, as a person goes through life.  This is as opposed to learning that happens because an authority tells a person that they must, should or are going to learn it, despite it being of no immediate use to that person
  2. Holistically: Learning of facts such as ‘names of countries’ that happens amidst, simultaneously with, and as part of learning much more about that country besides e.g. climate, flag, culture, religion, recent history, relation to our world

The issue of learning holistically I will address in the next post.

Why we can’t learn organically

This one came up a few times when speaking…

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About Kris Boulton

Teach First 2011 maths teacher, focussed on curriculum design.
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