Sorry, I don’t think I understand.

Rather random thoughts of a new SENCO

So today I went on a course. It started well – when I arrived I was greeted with, “Have you got your lunch?” No I hadn’t, I thought it was provided, no problem I was a bit early so they told me to go and buy some from the local shop. I returned a quarter of an hour later, “Sorry, just after we sent you out they came and asked what time we wanted lunch delivered at.” No problem, I now have lunch for tomorrow.

The course started and I realised quite how many acronyms and how much jargon different organisations have. The course was about fCAFs and how to run TAFs if you are the LP, if you were interested – it was on family Common Assessment Frameworks, Team around the Family meetings and Lead Professionals (bet you wish you hadn’t asked now!!).

There was a social worker on the course who…

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