Why this post is wrong and dangerous – response to Mastery Overload

...to the real.

Here, Debra Kidd writes about her concerns with respect to the idea of a mastery curriculum.

I should begin by noting that I agree entirely with the sentiment of wanting children to love and enjoy mathematics.  Also, I sympathise with the mistake being made in this post, because I made it myself.  In fact, almost every newly minted, naive maths teacher I know has made the same mistake.  Those with more experience tend to fit into two categories: they feel guilty because they don’t understand why following the vision isn’t working, or it was explained to them why following the vision won’t work, and the inordinate complexity of mathematics teaching is still unravelling before them.

If you want to reach for the moon, you don’t point your rocket at it and fire; if you do, you miss.  Instead you have to point it somewhere else, compensating for a staggering range…

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Teach First 2011 maths teacher, focussed on curriculum design.
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