‘Character vs Knowledge?’ Are we creating a false dichotomy?

Summer Turner

Keynote speech from East London Science School and Education Foundation Event: ‘Character vs Knowledge? What is the purpose of education?’ Saturday 25th April 2015.

The moment that this event was launched, I was suddenly in a whole load of trouble – some of it mischievous and some more critical about a creation of a new false dichotomy. The title of the event was of course deliberately provocative – and just to ensure it really winds people up we’ve even made it our hashtag. But it wasn’t created simply to provoke and in fact the more I have been questioned and challenged about it, the more certain I have become that this choice: Character vs Knowledge is one we have to make.

Last week Kev Bartle wrote a great post about the way in which we use cliches when we are trying to prove ourselves as leaders within schools and reminded…

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