Teacher Workload

docendo discimus

There has been a big discussion of teacher workload recently. Harry Fletcher-Wood’s post on “Thin Red Lines” generated quite a bit of interest. Nicky Morgan (or was it Nick Clegg) at the DfE attempted to win back a few of the half-million voting teachers that polling suggested Michael Gove had pissed off, by initiating a workload consultation (the results of which are meaningless twaddle). Now Mary Bousted’s ATL conference speech (using possibly dubious figures) has suggested that 40% of teachers are bailing either at the end of training or by the end of their NQT year, and the Independent have had a couple of front page headlines this week following up on this. Debra Kidd’s recent post is a particularly personal tragedy.

Now, the majority of our trainee teachers go on from our Secondary Science PGCE to their NQT year. Last year out of 30ish qualifying…

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