195 Countries – Why all 195?

...to the real.

Why all 195?

History in schools is forever rife with controversy as to what to teach, English has the same problem.  Here we have a simple and almost definitive list that is well within human capacity to learn, and people still want to argue about it?  I find that somewhat obtuse, but okay.

Value Judgement

If we don’t go for all 195, then we have to make value judgements about what constitutes an ‘important country’ or not.

To collectively decide ‘no-one needs to know about country x’ is to actively choose to remove it from the National consciousness; that country and its people will for all intents and purposes not exist.

We cannot always know what we’ll need to know

We can never know what we’ll need to know.  I reiterated this point already in the last post, and also a previous post where one person assumed there’d be no point to…

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