What I am learning about their determination to perpetuate unfairness in accountability systems

Ros McMullen: Things I've learned and things I'm learning

When I first became a headteacher 15 years ago people thought I was mad to seek out a challenging headship. I remember one particular deputy almost sneering at me about the school I had chosen to lead.  At that time there were very few schools serving disadvantaged communities that were any good – many of them were where poor quality teachers washed up and (this is true, I remember it well!) the dominant culture among headteachers who led these schools was one of excuse-making for poor standards and achievement.  I suppose that was why other ambitious deputies thought I was mad and felt able to sneer.

For 10 years though it was exhilirating and exciting because that dominant culture was changed by heads like me.  We worked very hard turning around schools and communities, transforming the attitudes towards schools like ours and producing the frst generation of employed young people…

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English and Media Studies teacher in the wilds of Coventry, about to start my tenth year, which in itself is frankly terrifying. In the small pockets of free time I have have been known to do things like Tough Guy, circuit classes and swim often, very often. It is what keeps sanity near and insanity at bay.
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