E-merging forum 5: Some related notes to opening plenary

EFL Notes

Hmm this is going to be tough trying to blog fast enough about the E-merging Forum 5 due mainly to time zone differences. Luckily there are a bunch of bloggers doing that, a couple of official ones and some unofficial ones e.g. eltgeek, nastyageinrikhenglishclassroom07. Note there are a couple of other bloggers but could not locate their tagged posts.

So do check them.

I was able to catch a bit of the opening plenary talk by Herbert Puchta and one of his topics was about the best age to teach children a second language. This interested me as a parent of an almost 3yr old and from a paper I was reading on that very question.

The paper by Alison Wray called The puzzle of language learning: From child’s play to ‘linguaphobia’ describes some differences in second language learning between young children and adults.

Drawing from some…

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