Why would you teach about the Bible?

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I posed this question on Twitter the other day: ‘Why would you start your religion curriculum with anything other than Bible stories?’ In this blog, I will make the argument that:

  1. A basic knowledge of the Christian Bible is needed to be genuinely fluent in the English language.
  2. Knowledge and understanding of these stories is necessary to access a range of other disciplines: English literature, history, art and music, to name the most obvious.
  3. Together, they represent some of the most powerful stories ever written.


‘No one in the English-speaking world can be considered literate without a basic knowledge of the Bible’ – E. D. Hirsch

One of the lesser-known appendixes to Hirsch’s tome ‘The Dictionary of Cultural Literacy’ is ‘Appendix B: Supplement on Biblical Literacy’. That Hirsch did not include biblical literacy in the body of his work can in part be explained by the complicated relationship between…

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