Who is doing the work?

Esse Quam Videri

I visited a lovely school recently. My impression was that it was very similar to mine in many ways:

  • The same sort of intake in terms of ability and social background
  • Sincere and dedicated teachers
  • Similar range of teaching styles

There was one interesting difference. Their exam results were not as good as they could be, while my school’s results are superb.

Naturally, this school assumed it should take on board Ofsted’s usual suggestion, from a report of a few years back, to tackle ‘passive learning’. Let us set aside the problem with following advice which is simply promoting a preferred teaching style (especially as inspectors have now been explicitly told they can no longer use ‘passive learning’ as a criticism), it is still problematic advice from Ofsted.

I had to ask myself why getting compliance from teachers in preferred teaching styles would be the best solution when in…

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