Presentation materials- SPARK presents Dubai_Lead Meet 24th Feb 2015

From the Sandpit...

Keven Bartle- Keynote

2. Kev Bartle Organic versus Genetically Modified Education

Barry Cummings- Online reputation

Prezi link

Charlie Venter- PLC @ DESC

PLC @ DESC- Charlotte Venter

Hina Kapadia- Curriculum changes

6. Curriculum changes Hina Kapadia

Jenny Murray- Lend Me Your Literacy

Lend Me Your Literacy- Jenny Murray

Steve Bambury- VEO


Helene Galdin O’Shea- Research ED

9. researchED Dubai presentation

Jim Stearns- Strategic deployment of IT

Strategic deployment of IT- Jim Stearns

Rachael Edgar- Assessment after levels

Assessment after levels- Rachael Edgar

Blog post- Assessment after levels, don’t reinvent the wheel, steal the hubcaps!

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