Knowledge Vs Skills: Seeking a little wiggle room

Stepping Back a Little

I’ve written this post as a contribution to the Feb 2015 #blogsync topic of ‘Knowledge Vs Skills’ (posted just in time!)

The ‘Knowledge Vs Skills’ debate is real. You may not have been aware of it, and it might be true, as Tom Sherrington contends, that in most classrooms teachers don’t really swing one way or another; but it is there, in the background.

You can find it all over the internet, with ‘Ed-tech’ spheres tending to the skills side of the debate, and ‘traditionalist’ blogs championing knowledge. I personally have inhabited the mentality of both extremes in my time, and tried to influence others accordingly, so it’s real. If only in me.

For those of you unfamiliar, I will attempt a dangerously simple summary of the positions:

Skills Side:          Real success in life comes from acting with ‘skill’. Rapid and unpredictable 21st Century societal evolution means…

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