Blogging as public pedagogy

Lifelong Learning Matters

This blog – the whole site – is one of two featured in a newly published article by Dr. Carol Azumah Dennis. The other is Kate Nonesuch‘s blog, Working in Adult Literacy‘. The study is in the International Journal of Lifelong Education.

This screenshot describes the journal, which is an excellent resource for reflective adult educators.


The abstract below gives a flavour of the study. The full text is available by subscription only.

Carol Azumah Dennis

Blogging and social media provide (comparatively) free opportunities for open dialogue and shared learning about education. Blogging can lead to new ideas and perspectives as other people comment, add links, share, collaborate and challenge.

The ‘Reader’ feature of WordPress blogs opens up a wealth of reading and these virtual public spaces offer rich pickings for reflective practice.

The haphazard and spontaneous nature of web communication means that unexpected responses can follow once a blog…

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