The response – Should everyone learn all 195 countries, their locations and capitals? the real.

140 people responded to this question; thank you to all those who did.  First, a few quick summaries.  Then, I’ll aim to delve deeper into my own thoughts through one post per day over the half term, returning to one per week after that if needed.

Who said what?

80 people selected YES they agreed with the statement, 60 selected NO.

How many were teachers?

Despite some effort, I wasn’t able to get the poll out much beyond the education community.

121 respondents were qualified teachers, and of the 19 who weren’t, 10 were involved in education in some other way.  With this question I’d hoped to see whether there was any difference in how people responded depending on whether they were a part of a community that was likely to be aware of the issues around a question like this one, however obviously no such analysis will…

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About Kris Boulton

Teach First 2011 maths teacher, focussed on curriculum design.
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