Bringing down the wall



My partner grew up in West Berlin, in a borough called Neukölln, which was part of the American Sector. When she was 14 the wall came down and she remembers that day vividly. It had a major impact on making her the beautifully complex woman she is today. The influx of Eastern Germans into her Gymnasium School, after the fall of the wall, brought very different values, beliefs and political views with them. They challenged her way of thinking more than anything in her life and many became lifelong friends. Knowing this helps me understand her juxtaposition of a love of Louboutins melded together with her strong socialistic and collective tendencies.

She remembers going over to the East Side of Berlin after the wall came down, with her father who was a Police Officer. East Berlin had none of the capitalist advantages of West. To her it seemed like it was another place completely. Somewhere…

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